Manage Cyber Risk, protect your company assets and stay compliant.

A cyber risk assessment is a great way to establish your current security posture, compliance status and identify your gaps. A cyber risk assessment will produce a dashboard, highlighting gaps and a security program can be mapped to close these gaps and

Knowing your security posture and compliance status is essential with the increase in cyber attacks

Finding the right balance between security and cost is always the goal, this is why a risk assessment can often solve these issues. Recording a risk on the register ensures senior managment review it and enables the business to decide to accept, mitigate or transfer that risk. A plan to close these risks is often enough for regulators to hold off on penalties etc.

Don’t have a CISO?

We can provide this service (CISOaaS) tailored to suit the type of business and industry you are in. A set number of days per week or month depending on the size and complexity of organisation.

Third Party Risk

Third Party risk is one of the key areas of concern these days as there is a high probability that lack of due diligence on a. supplier can result in a breach.

Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk Management provides a structured way to deal with cyber threats. We can support organisations to understand the threat landscape and help them on the complicated journey of managing and prioritising cyber risk.

Cyber Readiness

A security assessment and review of existing security controls can be crucial to know your current security posture. This can also include a gap analysis against the local cybersecurity regulations such as QCERT in Qatar, CITC. CTC in KSA, TDRA, DESC, Cybersecurity Council UAE.

What we offer

Experienced Security Consultants with real world experience.

Experienced consultants who have 20+ years in the security field.

Incident Response

Ensure you have an incident response plan in place and ready for a cyber attack. It's not if but when..


Don't have a CISO?
We can help provide CISO services on a part time basis or on demand. Help with ISO27001, NIST, CIS frameworks and more..

Cyber Readiness

An assessment of the current Cyber controls in place is essential to know the current security posture and compliance status with the local regulator or Cybersecurity Council

Third Party Risk

Do you perform a Cyber due diligence assessment on your suppliers, partners and vendors. We can assist in implementation a Third Party Risk process, perform the due diligence for you and/or automate this process with our software partner.

Table-Top Excercises

Do you perform table-top exercises to simulate a cyber attack, this is key to ensure the roles and responsibilities are assigned and people know exactly what to do in a crisis.

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity training can be tailored to meet the specific company needs. It's important to have a security awareness program and phishing simulator to train and test the response of your employees. Remember, your staff are the first line of defence!

Why Choose us

Protecting your assets and your brand.

Even small business owners must develop a thorough cybersecurity plan for their organization. A security breach could lead to loss of valuable business data and assets, which not only costs time and money, but potentially the trust of customers.

Free Consultation

Contact us and we will provide a free consultancy call to discuss the requirements tailored to the organisation.

Certified Security Expert

Align with experienced security people, professional in their field with real world experience. CISSP Certified consultants.

Regulatory Compliance

Cyber Security regulations are there to enforce security controls and governance through the organisations. Understanding these regulations and your current security posture is key to managing the risk and being compliant.

Learning & Development

Security Awareness, training can help your staff stay vigilant, protect your data and help IT support staff understand the current threats to the business and how to mitigate these.

Secure your business today, tomorrow may be too late.

Our security consultancy engagements are designed for short-term and long-term needs Whether it is an immediate assessment or an ongoing virtual engagement, our team of cyber security consultants are here to assist.

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