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Collaboration to achieve your goals

Cybersecurity is both a national security and business issue; we provide cybersecurity consultancy for organisations in the following industry: Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Marketing, Technology industries, Manufacturing and Logistics, Government and specialise in start-ups that need to build security teams from scratch. 

Our mission is to empower businesses with security knowledge; our focus is to move cyber security in the right direction by defending and protecting our clients, customers, and partners from theft of sensitive data through incident response, cyber security programs and ensuring Compliance. 

We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome cyber risk with a tailored service in line with budget.

Cyber Risk Management is mandatory in order to stay secure and compliant,  the sooner a business can assess, identify and manage the risk the easier and less expensive it becomes. Ignoring the risk leaves the company open to cyberattack and non-compliance which will ultimately hit the bottom line or cause reputation damage.

Values we live by


Collaboration with our partners

De-RIsk Cybersecurity Consultancy will work as part of your company, within your teams, together we can flourish with a. common goal.


Focused on end results

We aim to deliver end results that both companies have aligned on. With a clear focus and prioritisation of risk.


Empower the customer

We want to share, teach and build security with our partners passing on the knowledge for our clients to be self reliant.


Ready to gain a new partner and share the risk.

Cybersecurity Consultancy is CRITICAL to  prevent companies from experiencing a major breach or reputational damage. The Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your business systems is at risk and must be assessed and managed accordingly. Cyber risk once identified can be prioritised and the necessary security controls put in place. Mitigating cyber threats is essential to all companies that want to stay in business and remain compliant. 


De-Risk Cybersecurity Consultancy can help you on this complicated journey and we would love to become your partner. 

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