Table Top Exercise

Table-Top Exercise

Tabletop exercises are a way for organisations to simulate a variety of risk scenarios and prepare for potential cyber incident. These exercises can be done in as little as 15 minutes, making them a convenient tool for putting your team in the cybersecurity mindset. Testing your response to an incident in advance is a huge advantage and is not a mandatory step with  many regulators. Ensuring the correct roles and responsibilities are defined and tested is key.

Table top excercises

Types of Cyber Crisis Scenarios to simulate with Tabletop Exercises

Malware Attack

where criminals make their way into your system through malicious software so that they can destroy your system or access sensitive information.  

Supply Chain Breach

A third party breach can mean a supplier that has been compromised can pose a threat to your company. They may have direct access to your network or because they are trusted email threats can be significant.

Ransomware Attack

This is one of the most challenging situations for organisations to deal with, This threat has grown significantly as little expertise is required to carry out the attack. This type of attack can easily shutdown your business. 

DDOS Attack

A Denial of Service or Distributed Denial if Service (DDOS) attack overwhelms your network, system or Website to prevent it from operating, therefore stopping your business activities. These type of attacks can be launched at a tap of a button. 

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